Thinking of visiting the Palm Jumeriah, Dubai?

Palm beach

You may have seen from my Instagram, that I took a little break for a few days in Dubai on the palm Jumeriah. It was to treat ourselves and celebrate my husbands birthday. We wanted sun, relaxation and crucially, flights out of Manchester on Thursday night, returning on Monday afternoon! Dubai fit these quite specific set of requirements perfectly.

This post is a little run down of our experience staying on the palm. I’ve also got blog posts on our unusual Dubai dining experience, visiting the Burj Khalifa and what to wear in Dubai (all things I wanted to know before I visited and now I do!).

The Palm Jumeriah

I’ve never been to Dubai before, but after asking around for recommendations I settled on staying on the Palm Jumeriah. If you aren’t already aware, the palm is a collection of huge man-made islands, just off the Dubai coast, that has been developed with luxury homes and hotels.

We settled on the five-star Rixos the Palm Dubai. Its right on the end of the East crescent of the palm – the most difficult point to get to and also the most secluded. Here it is on the map:

Palm map

The bonus of staying on the palm is the amazing beaches. You’re literally surrounded by them and as they’re man made, I assume they shipped the sand in from heaven, because its soft, white and beautiful!

Palm beach

All the rooms have a sea view, which is a nice little bonus. If beaches aren’t your thing, the hotel also has a pool complete with bar and a quieter adults-only pool area too.

Also from the palm, you get great views of the Dubai skyline. Its a bit too far from ‘downtown Dubai’ to see the really large skyscrapers (like the Burj Khalifa), but there are still some great sights to gaze upon whilst having dinner on the beach.

Views at night

All inclusive

After reading up, I also opted for all inclusive. The exchange rate makes the already-expensive-Dubai, even more expensive at the moment! A litre bottle of water in the hotel was 35 dirhams, which at todays exchange rate (May 2017) is £7.30! And with the constant heat (a solid 39 degrees C each day), we needed a lot of water! Water alone would quickly add up, but when you factor in ice-cream, wine, G&Ts, on top of all the food, all inclusive turned out to be totally worth it. All inclusive also included a la carte dining (which I’ll review separately, as it was an experience!) as well as alcoholic drinks and even non-motorised water sports.

We tried our hand at Kayaking and the sea was like a mill pond, making it so easy! There didn’t seem to be any rules about where you could go either, making it quite an adventure. I wasn’t willing to risk my iPhone in a kayak though, so unfortunately no pictures!


Being all-inclusive, my expectations were somewhat reserved. They needn’t have been.

Breakfast included hot British food, fruit, breads, porridge, cereal and more, as well as non-traditional breakfast items like noodles and vegetables! The only difference – being a muslim country theres no pork, so sausages were made from chicken and cheese (and were ah-mazing!) while the bacon was beef.

Lunch and dinner in the buffet restaurant included just about everything you could think of. Seafood, meat (including outdoor barbecue), vegetarian options… you name it. There was also a wide variety of Turkish food, as the hotel is part of a Turkish chain. I loved this! Some of the kebabs and vegetable dishes were sublime.

Seafood selection

Just part of the seafood selection for the BBQ



There were also a la carte options – an Italian restaurant and a seafood restaurant. I am going to review those separately (the Italian in particular was an experience!), so keep your eyes peeled.


The room

We had a premium room, which was huge, complete with its own living area. The bathroom was lovely with his and hers sinks, a double end bath and a shower room you could have a party in. My photos of the room are pretty poor, as the sun light from the balcony is too bright, but you can see plenty of pics online if you’re thinking of booking.

The best part though…. the balcony views. After dinner each night, we’d sit on the balcony. It’d still be 30+ degrees (even 10 or 11pm) and it was lovely to look out onto the palm and the calming water.

balcony 1 view the palm Jumeriah

Balcony 2 view the palm Jumeriah


Overall, this was a fantastic break. The reliant weather makes the palm Jumeriah Dubai a hit for some rest and relaxation. Yes, its a 7-hour flight, but the Emirates A380’s are comfortable and the regular flight times make it a winner for me!

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