Summer celebrations and a fab thirst quenching cocktail

Cocktail ingredients

You may have seen on my Instagram story that this weekend was a celebration of my Dad turning 60! Mum went all out, planning a lovely garden party with decorations galore and enough food to feed a small army (aren’t all mums like that?!).

60 decorations

The sun was shining all day, meaning there was more demand than usual for some yummy thirst quenching drinks! So, (always aiming to please) my contribution to the festivities was a lemon summer cocktail. The quantities were a bit of an experiment, but turned out great and went down a treat! I must have been asked 20 times what I’d put in it 

If you want to try it too, you’ll need:

  • A bottle of prosecco 
  • 30cl Limoncello 
  • 5 cans of Sanpellegrino Limonata 
  • Fresh lemon 
  • Fresh mint (optional) 
  • Ice

Summer Cocktail ingredients

Now this cocktail is super easy to make! Basically, throw all the summer cocktail ingredients together, adding the mint last for a touch of freshness. Stir with a wooden spoon and serve. It’s like summer in a glass – easy drinking and all our guests loved it!

Prosecco cocktails not your thing? See if one of my top 5 Gin and Tonic’s takes your fancy instead!

Container of summer cocktail

The summer cocktail didn’t last long…

The party went on all night

The cocktail started off the party, and we ended up having a fantastic night with friends and family, long into the evening and with lots of laughs!

Family laughs

60th group shot

Happy 60th Birthday Dad!


(Notice the empty cocktail container in the back – complete with ladle where people had scraped the last bit out!)

We finished the night with close friends, gathered around the chiminea, eating pate, under a clear sky with a bright, full moon. As my mum said ‘A perfect end to a perfect day’.

end of the night

I hope you give this cocktail a try and that it leads to a great evening for you too 

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