One year bloggerversary!

One balloon landscape

I made it – one whole year of blogging. My first bloggerversary! I’ve learnt a lot this past year and I’m really proud of the content I’ve created.

The tall wanderer hasn’t turned out exactly as I planned, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! When I bought the domain on 3rd April 2017 I didn’t really have a plan of what topics I’d cover on my blog; hence the ‘wanderer’ section of the title.

The idea was this blog was a space I could blog about anything I wanted. In reality, almost all my blogs are travel related! From roadtrips in California, travel around Italy and exploring in Iceland. I’m working on balancing my content, by focussing some of my most recent content on the UK and drink ideas (including my 5 favourite gins and accompaniments), but I think travel blogging is what I enjoy most. My first blog posts were mainly travel related, including the very first, which focussed on one of my favourite places – Modena.

Blog 1 Modena

The tall wanderer’s very first blog post

Some of the things I’ve learnt while blogging:

  • Getting traffic to your blog is difficult, in part because there is just so much competition. Thankfully I write this blog for me and the enjoyment I get from it, so low visitor numbers aren’t so bad. But…..higher ones would be a bonus!
  • Some months blogging comes easy, like February when I wrote a blog post every week. Other months, trying to blog can be really difficult, but its ok to have some time off 🙂
  • Building a ‘brand’ can be difficult, especially when its just a hobby and not a full time job.
  • Instagram is fickle, just when you see followers increasing, a whole load of people unfollow you! (What is with people doing that?!)
  • Some (very basic) html skills and knowledge of hosting websites – technical things I had no idea about before.
  • The blogging community are really supportive. I’ve spoken to so many other bloggers over the past year, all of whom are really supportive and encouraging. From Manchester based blogger groups to international facebook groups, theres lots of support for new bloggers.

Happy first bloggerversary to the tall wanderer. Heres to the second year of blogging and hopefully lots of exciting content!

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