Moroccan inspired bedroom makeover

Moroccan INspired Bedroom 1

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We’ve all been spending much more time at home lately. Whilst I miss travel and have had to cancel a few overseas trips during the past few months, I’ve also really enjoyed being home and taking things a little slower. Thankfully both me and Lee are working full time from home, so we’ve been kept busy during the working week.

Lockdown hit as we marked one year in our new home. During that year we hadn’t decorated a single room! We’d made some improvements, like painting the front door and re-sealing and painting the wooden window frames, but all the internal decor remained as it was when we moved in. In part thats because there isn’t a lot wrong with it. But more so, it’s because I’m so indecisive! In our last house (the first home we bought that we lived in for 7 years) I realised that the changes I made quickly, ended up being the ones I didn’t like. So I consciously decided that I wanted to live in the new place a while before picking up a paint brush. I didn’t think it would take me a year to pick one up though!


I’d just started getting around to the decorating mindset and even had some decorators round to quote for the hall, stairs and landing (the one room I refuse to do myself due to two staircases and waaay too many door frames to paint around). During a spell of stormy weekends in February I decided to spend one of them painting the spare room. Here’s a before picture….

This room is on the back of the house, with two big windows that let in lots of light and has a double bed for when guests stay (which likely wont be happening for a while!). We barely use this room day-to-day which is probably one reason I chose to do it… if I didn’t like the outcome I wouldn’t have to look at it! Another reason was that this was possibly the room in the worst condition, as under the previous owners it was a pre-teen boys bedroom. The walls were scratched and marked, so it was definitely in need of a makeover!

I did make a pretty hasty decision on the paint colour for the accent wall (classic me!) but I had a general idea of the vibe I wanted to go for. Moroccan inspired with earthy terracotta tones is where I started out. We went with Dulux Copper Blush, which I love! It was actually Dulux’s colour of the year 2015…. so I’m a little late to the party. Then went with almond white on the other three walls, which really lightened the whole room from what it was previously.

Mood board novice

Instead of completing the room with my usual ‘rush into it and everything will be fine’ mentality, I actually took my time a little and even did a little mood board on word! The board evolved over time, I added items and took items off. Here’s how the mood board looks now…..

I really stuggle to visualise things, so this method helped me see how items would look together. Plus, I kept a table on page 2 of the mood board with links and prices to each item. This meant I that when it came to ordering items they were really easy to find, because there is nothing worse than finding the perfect item on Pinterest only to not know where you can buy it!

Moroccan inspired carvings

My room faves

Some of my favourite items in the room are:

  • The wood carvings over the bed. They’re only £12.99 each from The Range and four together look so effective. They’re a much cheaper alternative to similar options at Maison du Monde (like this one that I’m considering buying to go between the two windows) and others.
  • The throw. A pre-lockdown, TK Maxx find that isn’t available online and inspired the more neutral tones in this room. I’m really pleased that I found the complimentary rug to bring it together.
  • The lights, I thought they were well priced at £30 each from Wilko, but now they’re half price! (although discontinued, so probably won’t be available for long). Not only do they match the vibe I was going for, but the pattern and coloured beading make a lovely calming pattern on the ceiling at night.
  • The lights (again…) we installed Philips Hue bulbs, but the filiment style (one of these). These bulbs mean the lighting is really warm and calming. Also, they’re completely dimmable by remote (or app) and the remote can be taken from the light switch on the wall, to the bedside table, which is really handy. If you’re yet to upgrade to smart lighting, do it! We have them all over the house, some on automatic sensors, and they’re so useful.
Moroccan Inspired Room 2

onto the next project…

Anyway, in the end, I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out. I’ve also had a little confidence boost. It turns out that I can do interior design that I’m happy with when I put my mind to it. With this project under my belt, I’m already preparing for the next one. I have blue paint samples stuck on the dining room wall (amazing invention thanks to Lick paint!) ready for the next project.

What do you think to my guest room? Do you have inspiration for a blue dining room? If so, let me know!

Moroccan Inspired Bedroom Pinterest 1