About me: the tall wanderer

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I’m Victoria, aka the tall wanderer. I’d been wanting to blog for a while and finally took the leap in April 2017. I can’t quite believe the tall wanderer has been going for three whole years (although I’ve been much quieter this past year since we moved house). Here’s a post I did reflecting on one whole year of blogging.

Why the tall wanderer?

Well, I’m 6ft 2″, so thats where the ‘tall’ comes from! Wanderer, because when I started blogging I wasn’t sure of all the topics I’d be blogging about. The plan was that they’d just wander here and there, onto what ever takes my fancy. It turns out the majority of my blogs are travel based, so the ‘wanderer’ title seems even more apt.

Some of my favourite places feature on my blog, include Italy, my road trip up the Pacific Coast Highway, Iceland, Singapore and some places closer to home.

the tall wanderer Bike the bridge 1

When I’m not blogging about travel, its my other passion, food, which features. Whether its sampling the top tasting menus of Manchester, spending evenings with Michelin starred chefs or creating my own cocktail recipes at home.

Of course, sometimes these two passions of mine come together and I get to experience great food whilst travelling overseas, which is fantastic! Dining experiences in Dubai and Iceland feature on my blog, but the highlight has to be dining at Osteria Fransescana in Modena Italy, which is one of the top restaurants in the world.

Whats next?

As always I plan to use my blog partly to record my trips for myself and partly to share with you my experiences of places I’ve visited. This includes giving you tips I’d wish I’d known before I got there, sharing my insights of where to get the best food, the best activities and day trips and more.

As blogging is a hobby it can be difficult to find the time to write, especially as I work full time as an accountant and i’m currently studying for a degree in Chinese.

The tall wanderer Us at Þingvellir National Park

Us at Þingvellir National Park, Iceland

My blogs usually feature me, my husband Lee and often my chihuahua Tiger!

In-between blogs you can see what I’m up to by following the tall wanderer on social media; instagram and pinterest.

I hope you enjoy and please get in touch with feedback 🙂